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Curious and passionate of design.
My training made me discover the ergonomics problematics.
My hindsight allows me to solve them.
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My skills

Among these, the majority will be useful to you.


User research


User Questionnaires Writing


User interview


UX Workshop organization


Creation of personas


Design System conception


Mockups & Prototypes


Motion Design


Projet Management


Web development basics


Graphic design


and more...


Can my projects convince you ?

UX Design project - Build Your Gaîté
UX Design project - Au Fil de L'eau
Scientific Medation project - Protect Your Data
Graphic Design project - Réseau des Communes
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My employers

My employers have all contributed to my experience.
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Mevia / AlumnForce is a French web agency offering a private social network type service, intended for structures such as schools or associations wishing to allow exchanges between their members (mainly students and alumni). This service also offers CRM-type functions to allow the teams of these structures to manage their communication.

Mevia / AlumnForce is my employer since February 2021.
I hold the position of Product Designer / Product Owner.

• Design of new features for the AlumnForce product and evolutions of existing features
• Organization of customer workshops to understand the needs of end users
• Organization and monitoring of projects under design / development (including QA phase)
• Implementation and evolution of the Design System with design and writing of documentation
• Writing of the documentation for using the components
• Organization of Discovery procedures for the product team

Company website:

Webdentiste is a company specializing in services for dental practices. It offers a multitude of communication tools for the liberal professions: setting up and maintaining websites, graphic design services, programs for waiting rooms and a magazine.

Webdentiste was my employer for 11 months: from April 2015 to August 2015, and from January 2016 to July 2016.
I held the position of Webmaster.

• Maintenance of client websites
• Creation of mock-ups for mobile sites
• Edition of catalogs
• Graphic services for clients (catalog)
• Assembly of waiting room loops and video tutorials

Company website:

The Fondation CGénial is a recognized public utility organization, whose objective is to promote scientific studies and careers among middle and high school students. Through concrete actions, 10,000 students are made aware of this theme each year.

The Fondation CGénial was my employer for 7 months: from February 2018 to July 2018, and from February 2019 to April 2019.
I held the positions of Meeting Coordinator and Web Project Manager.

• Organization of interventions by engineers and technicians in schools
• Edition of new communication documents
• Realization of promotional videos
• UX / functional test of the new website and proposal of solutions
• Publication and updating of content on the website

Organization website :

Epicture is a company specialized in software development for public services. I was assigned to work on Réseau des Communes, a product specializing in distribution of web services - website, intranet and ticketing. Its clientele is exclusively made up of local authorities (rural municipalities, communities of municipalities) and local associations.

Epicture was my employer for 8 months: from February 2020 to October 2020.
I held the position of Graphic Designer / Integrator.

• Redesign of the company's graphic guidelines of Réseau des Communes and Ediflex
• Redesign of the Réseau des Communes product website
• Content management of this same website
• UX improvement of tools dedicated to customers and internal tools

Company website:

The National Institute of Intellectual Property - known as the INPI - is a public body in charge of developing and enforcing the intellectual property code. It provides title deeds for all patents, trademarks, designs and models of companies in France.

The INPI was my employer for 1 week in February 2020. I had to resign from my duties to join the Réseau des Communes team.
Attached to the editorial staff of the Documentary Bulletin, I occupied the post of Webmaster in charge of content.

• Testing and proposals for improving certain features of the new site dedicated to the Documentary Bulletin
• Anonymization of decisions on corporate disputes

Organization website :

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