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To get an idea of ​​some of my skills, I invite you to explore these projects. Know that this part of my portfolio is constantly evolving.

UX Design
Graphic Design

Simulation-strategy Game - 2019

P.Y.D. - initials of Protect Your Data - is a PC / Tablet / Mobile simulation-strategy game. Based on the hit game PLague Inc., P.Y.D. aims to raise public awareness of cybersecurity issues. This device was developed in 2019 for the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, as part of my dissertation on Hacktivism.

Ideological opposition

Two entities, two visions of the world, compete to promote their ideas: the computer security company Securis and the hacktivist group Mercury.

Servers with many flaws

In the four corners of the world, the servers will be the targets of control actions by the two entities: the possession of these servers will be decisive in winning the game.

The players expertise put to good use

Composed of 4 players each, the two teams will have to fight from one end to the other of the world to take control of the servers. Each server earns a certain number of points - called "connected devices" - and the impact of these actions is represented by clouds of points.

Fun mini-games

To take control of a server, the player must complete a themed mini-game. Depending on the team, the mini-games will be different: hacking and defacing for Mercury, protection and tracking for Securis.

Momentous events

During the game, events will occur once a threshold of connected devices is crossed. These events can promote the growth and supremacy of one faction over the other.

A double-edged sword

When a team wins the game, it will have sealed the fate of the world's computer park. Of course, its action will have been beneficial for a time, but its harmful effects will also become more extensive. The balance between security and freedom is the main issue in these digital questions.

Build Your Gaité
2nd year Master UX project - 2022

The Build Your Gaité project - abbreviated BYG - is the result of a partnership with the Gaité Lyrique, great Parisian cultural institution. This application proposes to redefine the layout of certain rooms, with the particularity of being able to discover and build one's own Gaité in an immersive experience in Augmented Reality.

smartphone Test the project [in FRENCH]

This project was carried out as part of the ICAN course - Master in Digital Experience Design. Any reproduction is prohibited.

Au fil de l'eau
1st year Master UX project - 2021

Au fil de l'eau is a very special catering service concept. The guests settle in a bubble and will dock at certain platforms to receive the various services (ordered upstream). The experience is unique compared to the Bateaux Mouches, offering the intimacy of a romantic date and dishes from the best restaurants near the banks of the Seine.

This project was carried out as part of the ICAN course - Master in Digital Experience Design. Any reproduction is prohibited.

Vivarium Numérique
1st year Master UX project - 2021

Vivarium Numérique is a scientific mediation project created specially for the National Museum of Natural History of France.

This project was carried out as part of the ICAN course - Master in Digital Experience Design. Any reproduction is prohibited.

Réseau des Communes
New logo and graphic charter - 2020

When I arrived in the company, Réseau des Communes asked me to create its new graphic charter, to illustrate in a simple and elegant way its objective: to provide local authorities with a powerful and accessible communication tool.

Logo symbolism

With this new logo, Réseau des Communes is rejuvenating its image and supporting its desire to create a strong link between municipal teams and their constituents.


Boosting the image of the company and differentiating itself from its competitors is essential in the public telecommunications sector. Add to this that the elegance of this palette reflects a premium look to the products.


In addition to the subject, the visual presentation of the texts plays a significant role in the first impression: the clarity and the warm welcome reserved for (future) customers begin above all with the fonts used.


Always with this objective of clarity, a set of icons was created to illustrate the different points that Réseau des Communes wishes to highlight: support, development, value for money...

A dedicated iconography

The presence of Réseau des Communes in extra-urban territories must be supported by an iconography that enhances the heritage, landscapes and local events.


All these elements form a harmonious whole, accentuating the professionalism of the teams and the quality of the services offered by the company Réseau des Communes. To see the result:

The savior of Apollo 11
Documentary - CNAM - 2018


This french mini-documentary, retracing the career of computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, was written and edited as part of my studies in mediation / scientific communication at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. The documentary is narrated by Audrey Simmonaud.

Video Resume
Motion Design - 2018


Having tried the adventure in the field of video and community management, the realization of this resume was necessary to show my skills in editing and motion design.

Un trailer fictif - 2017


This mini-project, inspired by action / adventure movie trailers, was an interesting experience to discover the real challenges of these short formats.

Yes We Code!
Fondation CGénial - 2018


Wishing to highlight its new mediation action - called Yes We Code!, the CGénial Foundation called on my skills in video editing to produce this mini-video, presented during the first Yes We Code meetings at the Gaité Lyrique.

La Plateforme du Bâtiment
Birthday video - 2020


Motion design animation produced for the 20th anniversary of the La Plateforme du Batiment store in Ivry-sur-Seine.

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